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Sensei Steve Groom, 4th Dan, Chief Instructor

"I started karate training in 1978 at the age of 8 years old.  I am currently graded to 4th Dan Black Belt in Wado Ryu style of karate.  I also have a Certificate of Education in Teaching.

I have trained in many different martial arts and styles of karate over the years.

I have been fortunate to have been able to train with many talented teachers, from experts in self defence to World Champion athletes in sports karate.

I enjoy teaching both applied traditional karate and also enjoy the challenge of coaching competitors in the sports arena.  I have had a number of students selected to represent the England Karate Team and others win National and International titles over my time.

I was also the Bexley Borough coach for the London Youth Games for 8 years and I am currently Kaizen Martial Arts National Team coach.

But the best bit for me is seeing students, particularly children, achieve their goals and see how much karate training can have positive benefits to people's lives."

Sensei Claire Wickham, 2nd Dan

"I first started training in Karate, with Hyo Gen Do, when I was 5 years old.  I am currently graded to 2nd Dan Black Belt.  I have trained in several martial arts including judo and boxing. 

I take part in both traditional and sport karate, enabling me to be able to compete to a higher level.  I am happy to say that I have achieved a few titles such a former English National Team Champion, former British National Medalist, former International Medalist and former WIKF (Wado) British National Champion. 

I have been teaching for several years for Hyo Gen Do, as well as assisting with coaching the competition squad.  I currently hold an EKF National Coaching Badge (English Karate Federation) and I have also assisted in the running and setting up of my university karate club. 

I enjoy watching the people that I teach improve their skill and enjoy their karate as much as I do."


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Sensei Michaela Moakes, 2nd Dan

"I have been a student of karate for over fifteen years now.  In that time I have tried my hand at three different styles of karate, as well as Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and submission wrestling.

While my roots lie in traditional karate, I am also proud of my previous successes in sport Karate.

At the peak of my competetive career I was representing Hyo Gen Do and our affiliated association Kaizen both at national and international level, in both kumite (fighting) and Kata.

I was part of Bexley's team at the London Youth Games four years in a row before going on to become assistant coach to Sensei Steve Groom, and was selected to represent the England Southern region in the British Regional Championships. At the time I was also female team captain for Hyo Gen Do, and still have the arm band to prove it! 

Now that I have semi-retired from the competition scene, after obtaining both Individual and Team Medals at national level, this year I did compete as part of our women's senior team and we won a National Silver medal. I also take great joy in helping our students to develop their skills and achieve their own goals."

Adam Casselman, 1st Dan Wado Ryu, 1st Dan Shotokan

Former ISK Champion and National Level Competitor who has also trained in Judo, Kickboxing and various styles of Karate.  He has experience of training in Japan where he met his lovely wife, Junko.

Peter Hill, 2nd Dan Wado Ryu

He has been training for over 10 years with our association.  He is one of our Grading Panel.

Ross McMillan, 1st Dan, Wado Ryu

Ross has been training with Hyo Gen Do Karate since the age of 10. He is one of our grading panel.

Rebecca Burnett, 1st Dan Wado Ryu, 2nd Dan Shotokan/Goju Ryu

Current England EKF 'A' Squad member. British Karate Federation International Open Champion.  Former English National Champion.  British Karate Federation National Medalist.  Rebecca has trained in three different styles of Karate and competes at the highest levels.  She has trained with the best in Sports Karate.

Sam Cooper, 3rd Dan Shotokan

Former International Champion, Former England 'A' Squad Member, Former British and English National Champion. He is one of our Grading Panel.

Sam Hill, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Former England 'A' Squad Member, International Medalist and English National Medalist.  Has trained with many World Champions in Sports Karate.fdf

Richard Drummond, 2nd Dan Wado Ryu

He has been training for 15 years in the traditional aspects of Wado Ryu. He is one of our Grading Panel.

Joe Collins, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Former English National Bronze Medalist.

Jamie Murphy, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Former England 'A' Squad Member, Former English National Champion.  Founder of the Belt-Up Initiative (a popular scheme designed to get children involved in martial arts).

Nick Hornsey, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Former British Champion

Nicola Cleevely, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Former English Champion, Current English Silver Medalist (Team), Current English Bronze Medalist (Individual), Former International Champion

Tanya Wallach, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Ryan Crispino, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Sarah Henderson, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Henry Ramshaw, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Sean Deacon, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Karen Rose, 1st Dan Shotokan

Katie Griffin, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Ben Risby, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Jasmine Thorogood, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Sam Kitchen, 1st Dan Wado Ryu

Josh Wilson, 1st Dan Wado Ryu